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Nicolites electronic cigarettes (also known as e-cigs) offer a satisfying and affordable alternative to traditional cigarettes. These are quality, reliable products that produce a consistent, uniform vapor.

Available as disposable or rechargeable units, Nicolites e-cigs are quiet, odorless and harmless. They can be used in a great many areas where cigarette smoking is banned, such as in restaurants or public transportation. While many smokers transition entirely to e-cigs for health benefits, even those who still smoke traditional cigarettes when possible may want to buy Nicolites for those occasions when smoking is not an option.

Health Benefits of E-Cigs

With all the anti-smoking hype out there many people don't realize that the negative health effects associated with smoking have little to do with nicotine. It is the smoke itself---filled with tar, carbon monoxide, chemicals and tiny particulates that cause the vast majority of health issues, ranging from coughing to cancer.

A quality e-cig eliminates the vast majority of smoke-related dangers. Vapor contains no tar, carbon monoxide or particulates to damage the lungs. Smokers able to transition to e-cigs quickly notice improvements in breathing and a reduction in coughing. E-cigs are also beneficial in that they don't stink up the place and won't stain teeth.

Unfortunately a lot of smokers find e-cigs are not as satisfying as traditional cigarettes. For many, this is because the temperature and consistency of vapor bears little resemblance to cigarette smoke. Nicolites have been designed specifically to mimic the texture and temperature of standard cigarettes; smokers who have been dissatisfied with other e-cig brands should definitely give Nicolites a try.

Nicolites Options

Those new to e-cigs may be overwhelmed with the range of options available. To start with, like all e-cigs, Nicolites consists of three primary parts:

  • The cartridge, which holds the nicotine-containing fluid;
  • The heating chamber, which heats and vaporizes the fluid;
  • The battery, which powers the heating chamber.

It's possible to buy Nicolites as disposable, single-use units or as rechargeable units:

  • Disposable Nicolites e-cigs come as a complete unit containing a cartridge with the equivalent of 25 standard cigarettes. This unit should be disposed of once empty.
  • Rechargeable Nicolites include a rechargeable battery, which is the most expensive component of the e-cig. Refill cartridges are very inexpensive and can be purchased in a variety of strengths and flavors. Chargers are available for wall outlets, USB ports and car lighter sockets.

The strength of the nicotine fluid is a very important consideration:

  • 16 mg - This fluid delivers about the same amount of nicotine as a standard filtered cigarette.
  • 11 mg - This medium-strength fluid is about the same as a light cigarette.
  • 6 mg - This low-strength version is similar to an ultra-light cigarette.
  • 0 mg - Contains no nicotine, but still provides the sensation of smoking.

Smokers trying to transition to e-cigs should buy Nicolites in the strength matching their smoking habits. If the goal is to ultimately quit altogether, lighter-strength fluids can be gradually worked in after the adjustment to e-cigs has been made.

Finally, flavor should be considered. It's possible to buy Nicolites in several flavors, including:

  • Standard tobacco flavor, which closely mimics the taste of traditional cigarettes.
  • Menthol flavor, for those who prefer menthol cigarettes.
  • Cherry flavor, for those who like a bit of variety.

As vaping (the practice of inhaling vapor from an e-cig) has been growing in popularity, a staggering array of flavors have become available. While variety is indeed the spice of life, be sure to buy e-cig fluid only from established, quality brands---you don't want to be inhaling unknown chemicals or very high doses of nicotine.

A Better Tomorrow Starts Today

Kiwi Drug's goal has always been to provide you, our clients, with affordable, hassle-free access to the products you need to look and feel your very best. To this end we're proud to offer our clients around the globe this opportunity to buy Nicolites e-cigs---a quality product designed to replicate the smoking experience without the danger. You'll not only feel better as your lungs begin to clear out all the tar and smoke particulates, you'll look better too as your teeth, skin and hair are no longer subjected to chemical-laden smoke.

Nicolites e-cigs are very affordable. With our streamlined checkout process your order will be complete in just a few moments, and you'll have taken a huge step towards lasting health!

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